The Importance of Protein


We have had several discussions on protein over the past several weeks at the Studio. I am not a registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist but have had nutritional training through IFPA Personal Fitness Training. As my clients know, I am a believer in BALANCE when it comes to nutrition.

Your muscles need protein- they are literally made from the stuff. Protein is also key for maintaining healthy connective tissue – ligaments, tendons, Cartlidge - and your bones which are up to 50% protein. Protein in a critical player in your nutritional program. If you are between 30 to 40, I am sure you have notice some muscle loss. This is called “Sarcopenia,” loss of muscle tissue is the natural part of the aging process. Did you know you lose anywhere from 3 to 8 percent of muscle mass per decade! Which makes this harder for muscles to synthesize protein as well as they use to, so your needs tend to be higher. How much do we need? Good Question. There has been a ton of research on the subject. But the RDA (Recommended Dailey Allowances) while the exact optimal daily amount varies from study to study, it’s generally between 0.45 and 0.9 grams per pound of body weight. If you are committed to an exercise program where you train multiple times a week like Real Women Lift Strength Training Programs and your goal is become strong and healthy you might want to shoot for the high side. That said, if you eat more protein than you need it won’t turn into lean muscle, it will be converted to body fat (just like overdoing anything. So as I mention earlier, BALANCE is the key!

Need help BALANCING your nutritional needs I highly recommend Keri Bomarito. Keri is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist and owner of Seaside Nutrition.

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Cindy Treaster

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer