Strength Training!


Did you know that strength training or weight lifting can help you melt pounds off, boost bone density and create a dazzling look of long lean shapely muscles! Whether you want to fit better in your clothes are achieve better overall health, strength training is a practice to behold and treasure.Here are some on my tips to help you create your OWN dazzling body.

Tip 1: You must change your routine often. The human body adapts to almost anything, and workouts are no exception. If you continue to do the same exercises, sets, and reps schemes your body will become marvelously efficient at performing those particular exercises, sets, and reps. You won't necessarily see the changes you want but you will be damn good at that particular work out. Like in Real Women Lift Group Strength Training we change our works at a minimum of once every 6 weeks.

Tip 2: Proper nutrition is a must! How can you possibly expect your body to change if you don't give it the proper you fuel. After an intense training session you have a 15-30 minute window to refuel! Do not tell me you do not have time! Anyone can grab a Greek yogurt throw in some fresh fruit a dab of honey and you're out the door in less than five minutes. I like to eat 4 to 6 meals a day balanced but on those days where I have kicked butt in the gym I will add a little more protein!

"In order to create you're amazingly beautiful muscles you MUST supply your body balanced meals filled with fruits, vegetables, grains and protein!"

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Cindy Treaster

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer