Behold the Kiwi!


Kiwi is a small-but-mighty fruit. It’s delicious and has twice as much Vitamin C as an orange and as much Potassium as a banana. But kiwi’s tough-to-peel skin can deter you from choosing this nutritious fruit.

Some people choose to eat the skin but not this girl. They say there is nothing wrong with this, and it actually triples the amount of fiber in the fruit!

If you want to add more kiwi to your diet to reap its benefits, you can easily incorporate it into a number of recipes. They’re great to add to your breakfast, either alone or sliced on top of Greek yogurt.How do you know if a kiwi is ripe?

Start by looking for firm, unblemished fruit. Press the outside of the fruit with your thumb. If it gives to slight pressure, the kiwifruit is ripe.According to Cook’s Illustrated there is a simple way to peel this jewel.

Just grab a paring knife, and a metal beater from your handheld mixer (yep.) Cut your kiwi in half crosswise, and push the beater into the flesh of the fruit. Then, twist until four perfect wedges of kiwi separate from the skin. Repeat on the other half of the fruit, if desired. Viola! Kiwi snacking has finally been made easy, and you don’t have to deal with half-squashed fruit.

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