In 2019 say YES to Strength Training, the Possibilities are endless!


When it comes to Strength Training there are thousands of combinations and the beauty of that is I can design workouts to not only fit your goals but also have virtually endless variety in doing so.

At Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training Studio, I love to use either Total Body Workouts or Split Routines when designing strength-training workouts for my clients.

When I design Total Body Workouts I use combinations of free weight and machine exercises. Alternate an upper body push, upper body pull, lower body multi-joint, and core exercise. Three to four sets per exercise with repetitions between 8 to 20 and a rest time of30-60 seconds rest between exercises.

When I design Split Routines I use combinations of dumbbell and machine exercises. One of my favorite Split Routine is the Push/Pull Split with 3 to 4 sets per exercise. The repetitions can be anywhere from 8 to 20 with a rest time of 30-60 seconds rest between exercises.

There are endless ways to strength train whether you are a rookie, a seasoned veteran, or a competitive lifter. I love it.