Planks: anytime, anywhere


In 2019 Find little ways to stay active throughout the day! Even if I have a busy day ahead of me, I always try to get in some type of workout five to six times a week. It is a win, win situation! I get the benefits of exercise, I also use this time as “ME” time, which helps me unwind.Having an inconsistent schedule doesn’t always allow you to log in a full workout. Do not have that all or nothing attitude. I believe that something is better than nothing!


“Planks anytime anywhere”

If you don't have time to log a full workout, try breaking it up. In a perfect world I'd have time to get to gym do a hour of strength training or spend an hour on my half marathon training but having an inconsistent schedule doesn’t always allow for that. I find time to add time to push-ups, lateral plank variations and walking lunges. I find that squeezing in a few minutes of intensity helps keep me focused and on track. Next time your schedule is full make adjustments but keep active.