The Secret to Strength? Keep it Slow


What’s the easiest thing I can do every day that will help me toward my goal?

Start with one task and one task only and go slow. Making change is hard. No one wants to admit but it’s true. So do not make it harder by creating too many goals at once or by focusing on goals that seem like running a marathon instead of going for a walk. You get to the marathon but it will be better to build up momentum.

Success depends on consistency more than anything.

Give yourself two to three weeks to crush each mini-goal. Once you're consistently hitting your goal, then add another goal. Then another. Each opportunity will give you the chance to build a habit you can master. As time goes on, you can make the goals much more specific and difficult. But when you do, you’ll be building on a solid foundation of habits that will make it very difficult to slide back to the old you.

I wish a year of small victories and imperfection. Whatever you do, don’t paint the picture of a life you wouldn’t want to live. It’s not necessary and definitely is not needed in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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