Work Those Triceps!

Triceps is what every girl WANTS! The 3 heads of the triceps are the long head, the lateral head, and the medial (deep) head. As we ladies age, we tend to hold more body fat in this area, making triceps development more of a priority fo us. That long head of the triceps sits right in that troublesome back part of the upper arm. So, while the guys might focus on the horseshoe shape and thickness that develops the lateral head, women may want to prioritize long head exercises. One of my favs is CABLE OVERHEAD EXTENSIONS with ROPE!


With this exercise, you're in an overhead position, but now you're working both arms at the same time. Cables keep tension on your triceps throughout the entire rep while also keeping you in a fixed motion, so you can target that long head. Position the pulley at either the bottom of the stack for this exercise. Just choose the position where you feel your triceps working the most. If you find yourself using momentum to lift the stack, it means you need to go lighter on the weight. You can't build a muscle if other muscles do the work. NEVER Sacrificing your form going lighter will get your best result!

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