Cindy and her Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Studio is simply AWESOME! I was looking for someone that could help me take my workouts to another level so I could get real results. The challenge was that I needed someone that was knowledgeable enough to know what I could, and could not, do because of previous injuries.

From our first session, I knew she was different than the rest of the personal trainers I have worked with. She is not only very knowledgeable, caring and fun - Cindy walks the talk and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with her services.

Thanks to Cindy, and a whole lot of sweat, I am experiencing the result I want! I would recommend her to anyone, at any age, that is serious about getting in shape!
RWL keeps me motivated to lift weights which I would drift away from on my own. I enjoy, ( most of the time:) the push to stay strong and in shape. The group I work out with helps make the class fun and I do exercises I wouldn’t think to do on my own. I need to keep my knees and shoulders strong for work and play and this is a great way to do it. The class also makes me more aware of what I need to strive to eat. It has been great doing the programs.
I am 24 and had never lifted weights in my entire life. I was never intimidated to do so, I just didn’t know how and I didn’t understand the importance of what weight lifting can do for your body. I enrolled in the Real Women Lift program three weeks ago and I already feel better. I have more energy and feel that my body is on a positive path.The combination of weight training and cardio support each other in this program. I am learning how to exercise properly and how to incorporate fitness into a permanent lifestyle, not a fad diet.
It truly is something I do for myself....I get pushed beyond what I would push myself and shows me that I am stronger physically than I think I am and I carry that into other areas of my life—when I think I cant do something I push myself anyway and go for it!!! Also I am learning about proper food intake—it’s taking a while to achieve, but at 47, I know it’s an on-going learning process and every day I get closer to the goal. Life isn’t a 50 yard dash, it’s a marathon with many obstacles and triumphs.
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— Nicola, Colombia
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— Pauli, Germany
Having an appointment set so that I knew that at least 2 days a week I would put my body first and work out has made me far more successful than ever before. The last of the baby weight got kicked to the curb and my lower back pain from hefting kids hasn’t returned. Cindy made sure my core, which I hated to work on my own, became solid to support my back. Thanks Cindy!