Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training is a Group Training Program designed to help women of all ages enjoy the benefits of strength training. Right now, our studio is full of eager women, passionately involved in pumping iron. They enjoy their training and attack their workouts with passion. The Real Woman Lift Women are tossing around weights they only dreamed of.

Join me in this exciting adventure as we continue to build your knowledge so you may achieve your lifelong commitment to health and happiness.


How does it work?

The sessions are held at our studio for Six (6) weeks and we offer 2-day, 3-day and 4-day Strength Training Sessions.  Real Women Lift is not just for beginners there are also intermediate and advanced sessions that will add variety, keep your muscles challenged and your motivation high.


Meet Cindy

Did I always have the passion for fitness?  NO!  It wasn’t until after my son was born that I decided to change my body.  During the 80′s I fell in love with steel, which lead me to Women’s Bodybuilding. I have competed in Women’s Bodybuilding in the states of Nevada and South Carolina. I have worked in health clubs from South Carolina to Las Vegas.  Leading aerobic classes, giving fitness orientations, creating workout programs, selling club memberships and assisting with the operating side.